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Humber River, the First Fully Digital Hospital in North America

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Humber River Hospital is one of the biggest regional acute care hospitals in Canada, serving more than 850,000 residents in the north-west of the Greater Toronto Area.



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Customer challenges

With a longstanding reputation for their commitment to high-quality patient care, the hospital underwent a transformation almost 10 years ago, from an establishment limited in facilities and with ageing equipment to a centre recognised nationally and internationally as a leading innovator for its development and design.

For this new fully digital hospital, Plan Group, a subsidiary of Bouygues Energies & Services, installed multiple electrical systems, some of which were integrated by our information technology, communication and automation team.

Plan Group's solution

Within the context of their contract, Plan Group were responsible for the following items:

Design and construction of the electrical system

Infrastructure and systems: Internal power distribution, power supply, lighting, emergency power, uninterrupted power supply, smart window panels (electrified colouration), operating theatre with Stryker frame and articulated arm, and lighting protection device.

Design and implementation of information technology, communication and automation

Infrastructure and systems: Fibre optic networks, cabling for broadband server, alarm system, access control, closed-circuit television, real time locating system (patients coming and going, child abduction, resource tracking, staff attendance), unification of communication, distributed antenna systems, nurse call system, digital and audiovisual dynamic display, and patient orientation system.

Integration and automation: Main integrator of systems, (middleware serving as an intermediary between the systems in clinics, internal systems and building systems), automated processing for managing electrical and mechanical facilities, lighting, smart window panels, refrigerators, freezers and materials, alarm system (nurse call system, real-time locating system, code call), and command system (lighting, temperature, smart window panels).

Benefits for the customer

This digital vision is about perfect harmony between the physical and digital aspects of the hospital. Medical staff and patients benefit from an unparalleled experience thanks to the automation of workflows.

The patient pathway in the hospital system is now much easier to monitor, more interactive, and much more patient-focused.


To find out more, watch this vidéo

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